Redman – Ni**a Whut @TheRealRedman

Precious Paris – L.I.T.G

Rich Quick & Archie Bang – #Breakfast (Video) @RichMFNQuick @ArchieBangMuzik @J57 @Ccelli @ExponentEnt @ParkStreetPR

“Breakfast” was the most popular track released in the month of June on beating Lil Wayne, TI, Common, Busta Rhymes and more…

Well let’s be honest, we are pretty sure this is the first ever Hip-Hop video where a girl gets ‘milked’!!! When Rich Quick, Archie Bang, J57 and DJ J Hart linked up to do this track they really wanted to capture the fun and the care free vibe of the song. Rich brought his crew from New Jersey and Philly up to Archie Bang’s Flatbush neighbourhood in Brooklyn for what has to be one of the most off the wall video shoots Flatbush has ever seen! Archie is stealing cheese burgers, girls are getting “milked” and Tray Digga, a member of Rich’s CORFU Hip Hop collective, is enjoying a delicious #Breakfast. This is something fresh and is already getting championed from heads in the US and all over Europe…

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